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About Empliant

Empliant, Inc., located in Chapel Hill, N.C., provides web-native, employee self-reliant solutions that reduce administration costs, increase employee satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency. Our technology applications include tools for on-line benefits enrollment and administration; personalized employee benefits statements, a fully searchable content management knowledgebase for benefit plan information, company policies, or management practices; and interactive transactions for stock options processing, all of which are accessed through a standard web browser. Our hosted solution reduces capitalization costs and enables employers to provide employees with self-service capabilities to manage their own data in a secure, private environment. Empliant offers small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) the rich functionality found in expensive applications without the consulting costs, long implementation period, and reliance on customer support and product maintenance.

Empliant Provides Value and Minimizes Infrastructure Investment

Empliant is focused on delivering solutions that meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies traditionally unnoticed by larger consulting, and service organizations. Those large enterprise software solutions often suffer in three areas: high cost, slow implementation, and difficulties with usability, maintenance, and support. Empliant convincingly answers each of these pain points by providing low cost, easy to use employee self-reliant solutions that can be implemented quickly and require little maintenance or support.

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