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Top HR Executive of Fortune 100 Subsidiary Facing Benefits Consolidation Seeks Self Reliant HR Technology

Critical Issues: Buyer's Desired Solution:
  • Standardize benefit plans and align employee cost sharing across 4 US locations

  • Communicate rationale of cost shifting to all employees

  • No common source of benefit plan information, employment practices, procedures, etc.

  • Need for consistent administration of new compensation program
  • Single, non-biased purchase point/source for all benefits plans and required consulting

  • Single online source of HR information across company

  • HR technology implementation allowing self-reliant access for employee benefits enrollment and administration

  • Online resource guide for managers to assure compliance with new procedures

Empliant Provided:

Integrated benefits consulting, analysis, and brokerage of a standardized, multi-state benefits program and a communication process for benefits changes and cost shifting to all employees. A web-based, benefits information and enrollment center for employees, along with a secure, online instructional guide to managers to administer compensation programs.


Saved thousands of dollars by consolidating, enhancing, and standardizing company-wide benefits program, and implementing self-reliant HR technology, reducing overall benefits expense. Neutralized employee reaction to increased contributions. Increased managerial compliance with new compensation programs.

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