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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Empliant:

Q: How can Empliant help me? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant uses self-service, event-based menus that enable you to easily access your company's Human Resource information and forms when you need it. You can access accurate information at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from work or at home.

Q: How does Empliant benefit my company? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant provides cost-effective delivery of Human Resource services to employees. Your company saves the expense of producing, distributing, and maintaining printed copies of the booklets, policies, information and forms. Empliant provides the benefits of professional Human Resource support at a fraction of the cost of a large HR department.

Q: What kinds of companies use Empliant? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant is designed to be used by any size and type of company. Whether your company has an HR department or not, your business can benefit from the services of Empliant:

  • Small businesses that cannot afford a HR staff can offer employees world-class HR functionality formerly available only to the very largest companies.
  • Mid-sized businesses with a small HR department can provide enhanced HR tools and services without the additional expense of increasing HR staff and overhead
  • Large businesses with sizeable HR staffs can offer more efficient programs with fewer staff, reducing HR department expense, and re-deploying HR staffers to more strategic assignments

Q: In addition to HR departments, what other ways can Empliant be used? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Employee benefits administrators and providers, HR consulting organizations, and "call center" operations can readily use Empliant applications. Empliant can also be integrated with databases that enable users to conduct online surveys, perform transactions, and connect to Human Resource Information Systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft.

Q: How much does it cost to use Empliant? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant is a modular design. Costs vary depending on the HR services your company desires. For most companies, expense should be only pennies a day per employee, yet the return on investment will likely be thousands and thousands of dollars a year in cost savings. Contact Empliant for pricing details tailored to your company's specific needs.

Q: Is there an initial set-up fee? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant’s Online Benefits Enrollment and Administration module and our Survey and Forms Tool module generally require no upfront fees for branded, configured implementation! Ask us for specifics!

Q: Are there extra costs for upgrades and changes? [BACK TO TOP]
A: The monthly user license includes all site upgrades and maintenance.

Q: What if I only want to put my company's employee handbook online? [BACK TO TOP]
A: The modular design of Empliant makes any configuration of services possible. Employers may provide as few or as many online HR services to employees as desired. Whether it's a single handbook, or Online Benefits Administration with a complete set of benefits booklets, policies, and forms, Empliant is flexible, adaptable, and designed to grow with your company's needs.

Q: How are changes made, and how long does it take to implement changes? [BACK TO TOP]
A: Empliant provides you with an easy to use web editing tool and set-up wizards than enable you to edit and modify content at any time.

Q: What if my company doesn't have any electronic documents, or an employee handbook? [BACK TO TOP]
A: No problem - Empliant will help you create a customized employee handbook, policies, benefits information, and other HR tools to fit your company's unique needs.

Q: Is there special software or technology needed to use Empliant? [BACK TO TOP]
A: A standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome and Internet access (dialup, cable-modem, DSL or LAN) is all you need to use Empliant. There is no special software to load or Information Technology staff required to support this state of the art application.