North Carolina Retirement Systems

Fraud and Abuse Reporting Form

The North Carolina Retirement Systems has created a Fraud and Abuse Hotline and online form to report potentially fraudulent behavior concerning retirement systems operations for members, benefit recipients and employers. You are encouraged to contact the North Carolina Retirement Systems to report possible fraud and abuse regarding areas such as:

- Return-to-work violations
- Disability fraud, pertaining to the North Carolina Retirement Systems, not Social Security disability
- Receipt of a deceased member’s benefits
- Impersonation of a North Carolina Retirement Systems employee

To report fraud and abuse, fill out the form below. Retirement Systems staff needs as much information as possible to begin an investigation. Please remember you have the option of filling out this information anonymously. Providing contact information will enable staff to contact you for additional information if necessary.

Informant’s Contact Information

Name (Optional):

Telephone Number (Optional):

Email Address (Optional):

Alleged Violater’s Information

Please provide as much information about the alleged violation as possible.



City, State, Zip Code:

Telephone Number:

Employer (If Applicable):

Employer’s Telephone Number (If Applicable):

Email Address:


Please provide a detailed explanation of the alleged violation and revelant dates of the observation.


Additional Comments:

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