Developmental Associates

Town of Morrisville

Town Manager Position Stakeholder Feedback Survey

INTRODUCTION - The Town of Morrisville is inviting public comment regarding the hiring of the next Town Manager. The information requested in this survey will be used to identify competencies needed in the next Town Manager as well as critical issues facing the Town. All responses are anonymous. Results will be summarized by the consulting group Developmental Associates which will be running the search and hiring process for the Town.

INSTRUCTIONS - Please respond candidly to the items below. Be sure to hit "submit" when you are finished.

1. What do you see as the major challenges and/or opportunities facing the Town of Morrisville in its relationship to the community?

2. What do you see as the major challenges within the Town’s among departments and/or staff?

3. What are the most important competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) needed by the next Town Manager?

4. What are the most important responsibilities/duties of the Town Manager?

5. Other comments?

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