City of Newport News- Police Chief Selection Process

Public Feedback

The City is undergoing the important process of seeking its next Police Chief. The following survey is to solicit your feedback about some important factors to consider in the search for the next Newport News Police Chief.

1. What do you consider the most important public safety issues in Newport News? (You can select up to 3).
Not enough police presence    More personal connections with police officers serving my neighborhood    Improved police response times    Access to crime data    Drugs    Gangs    Vandalism    Burglaries/Theft    Car Break-ins    Other (please list in next item)   

2) If you selected "other" in the last question, please describe:

3) To what extent are you satisfied with the relationship between police and community?
Very Satisfied    Satisfied    Somewhat Satisfied    Somewhat Dissatisfied    Dissatisfied    Very Dissatisfied   

4) What leadership qualities should Newport News’ new police chief possess? (You can select up to 3)
Ownership - accepts accountability for the department and its actions    Community Concern - demonstrates a sincere concern for residents, visitors and businesses    Strategic thinker - possesses a clear vision and mission for the department    Communication - uses an open, transparent and straightforward communication style    Listener - effectively listens and is actively seeking to understand diverse perspectives    Integrity - holds self to the highest standard of professionalism and ethics,    Diversity - embraces diversity in the workforce and community    Engagement - is visible and active in the community    Confident - decisions and actions inspire confidence in the community in both routine and emergency situations    Other (please list in next item)   

5) If you selected "other" in the last question, please describe:

6) What type of experience should the new police chief have? (You can select up to 3)
Police management (command) experience in a city similar in size to Newport News    Community Oriented Policing (e.g. emphasizes partnerships, problem solving, prevention, and accountability) track record    History of managing and leading a wide range of police services    Experience working effectively with other law enforcement agencies and community partners    Track record of building and maintaining community relationships    Demonstrated ability to develop and implement practical and innovative solution    Other (List below   

7) If you selected "other" in the last question, please describe:

8) What other factors, if any, would you like the City to consider when selecting the new police chief?

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