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Feedback on Town Manager Selection

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INTRODUCTION: Roger Stancil, Chapel Hill Town Manager, is retiring. The selection process for the Town Manager has been approved by the Town Council and includes evaluation of skills through an assessment center process and evaluation of emotional intelligence through an inventory as well as behavioral assessment. Council will interview the finalists for evaluation of fit through structured and behavioral interviews. Learn more about assessment centers: Learn more about emotional intelligence:

To assist with the selection process, transparency and the spirit of community engagement which is so vital in Chapel Hill, the Town of Chapel Hill Mayor and Council are inviting public comment regarding the hiring of the next Town Manager. The information requested in this survey will be used to identify competencies needed in the next Manager as well as critical issues facing the Town. This information will be used to develop the skill assessments and structured interview questions to evaluate candidates. All responses are anonymous. Please note that there is a 4099 character limit per question. Results will be summarized by the consulting group Developmental Associates which will be facilitating the search and hiring process for the Town. Please note that you can respond one time using a unique identifier that you choose (we recommend writing this down as we will not be able to recover it for you). If you wish to change a response, you can resubmit your survey but it will overwrite your original responses.

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1. What do you see as the major challenges facing the Town of Chapel Hill in its relationship to the community?

2. What do you see as the major opportunities that the Town of Chapel Hill should leverage to be as successful as possible?

3. What are the most important knowledge, skills and abilities (e.g. competencies) needed by the next Chapel Hill Town Manager?

4. What are the most important duties (e.g. responsibilities) of the Chapel Hill Town Manager?

5. Other comments?

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