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To the 2010 South America Remote Sensing Market Research Survey.
Please select the survey which best matches your industry affiliation.
You may complete more than one survey, if applicable

South American Remote Sensing
Users and Companies
Please select from the following:

To Review the 2005 NOAA U.S., Canada, and Europe Study
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To Review the 2006 NOAA Asian Study
Asia Report

To Review the 2008 African Study
Africa Report

For additional information about the project or to complete this five-minute remote sensing survey in person, contact us at 216-525-0600 and a company senior associate will be available to speak with you.

Project Overview:

The 2009 South America Remote Sensing research and analysis of the Remote Sensing Market is a follow on the 2005 and 2006 study of Asia, Australia, North America and Europe that were previously sponsored by U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the 2008 USGS Africa Remote Sensing Study.

This study includes a five and ten year analysis of the Political, Economic, Environmental and Technical Trends impacting the South America Remote Sensing industry; Academic, Commercial and Government Users. A key segment of this research will be completed by collecting information from respondents online. The surveys not only collect key trend information impacting the remote sensing industry, but collect applications usage, and user data needs concerning Aerial Film, Aerial Digital, Aerial Sensors, and Satellite data as well.

The 2009 South America Remote Sensing Research surveys can be accessed via the interactive Google Map. Simply click on your respective South American country, select which sector you belong to (Academic, Commercial or Government) and begin this brief survey. These surveys are targeted to the commercial end users and producers of these technologies; value added providers and processors of remotely sensed data, as well as academic and government users of remote sensing technologies. The final research project will be publicly available in early 2010.

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. analysts utilize the company database of geospatial contacts in South America as well as work with their existing network of geospatial firms and associations globally to obtain survey participants and research partners.

For more information on becoming a research team member or to receive a copy of the previous International Remote Sensing Studies call 216-525-0600 or email and refer to the 2009 South American Remote Sensing Research.